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Does Reese Roofing help with insurance claims?

We are able to help you provide the proper information and meet your adjuster at your home if needed. We are not licensed insurance adjusters and cannot act in that capacity. However, we can assist with ensuring that your insurance carrier is getting the best and most accurate information concerning the overall health of your roof and help explain to them why your roof requires a full replacement or repairs only. Please be aware that many roofing companies may just tell you to file a claim with your insurance and see if it sticks. That is not how you handle this process. Many insurance premiums are kept lower because the homeowner has low or no claims on their homeowners policy. So, if you can keep from making a claim when you don't have to, you have a better chance of maintaining a lower monthly / yearly premium on your insurance policy. At Reese Roofing, we provide FREE inspections and will only recommend filing a claim if we truly believe and can show you that the damage is bad enough to warrant making the claim. Ultimately, it's the homeowner's decision.

Does Reese Roofing provide a warranty on roof replacements?

Yes, all of our roof replacements and new roofs come with a warranty. Keep in mind that the manufacturer of the shingle you chose, will have minimum qualifying factors such as...certain products must be used during installation and that the company must be certified through that manufacturer in order for the warranty to be valid and recognized. You should also be aware that the roofing company you choose must actually submit and pay for your warranty through the manufacturer. Many companies don't do this therefore you don't actually have a warranty. So, when deciding on who you chose to do the work, make sure this is asked and ask for a guarantee that warranty requirements are being met and submitted.

If it rains during installation, will my home be protected?

Yes. Reese Roofing will take all the necessary precautions to protect your home in case of rain and inclement weather.

How much does an estimate cost?

At Reese Roofing, our estimates are free and offered at no obligation.

What information do you need from me before the estimate?

Someone from Reese Roofing will give you a call so we can better understand your project goals. Once we arrive at your home for the free estimate, we'll take measurements and explore the options available to you.

How long does it take to install a roof?

At Reese Roofing, we try to complete work quickly in order to minimize interruption. Most of our roof replacements can be done in a day. Larger jobs can take multiple days, but you will be provided with the estimation of how long we expect to be at your home / business. Keep in mind, we have to work around inclement weather. We cannot control that so we ask that you be patient with our installers if this becomes an issue.

Does the warranty apply to both materials and labor?

Yes. Assuming that you purchased the required products recommended by your project manager to meet the manufacturer requirements for warranty, then yes, it will cover both labor and materials.

Do I need to be at home during the installation of my roof?

No, You do not have to be home for roof repairs or installations. These jobs are completed 100% from the outside of your home. Our installers are licensed and insured so you don't have to worry. However, there are precautions we ask our homeowners to take...such as removing any valuable photos or objects off of exterior walls just in case the vibration from being on your roof causes them to fall.

What happens if my insurance company turns down my claim?

There are really two options here, first...We can give you a retail estimate if the insurance company denies your claim. The retail option basically means that you will be paying for repairs / replacement out of pocket fully. We can provide you access to financing if needed. The second option and only with your approval, we can hire a Public Adjuster. Typically, Reese Roofing will cover the costs associated with a Public Adjuster assuming that Reese Roofing agrees that the damage on your roof warrants that level of action. Public Adjusters can act as an adjuster within your roof claim. Their license allows them to represent you in ways that Roofing companies cannot.

Can roof leaks cause long-term damage?

Yes. A roof leak can result in additional damage to your roof and to other areas of your home. Reese Roofing recommends having your roof inspected at least yearly or immediately upon noticing potential leaks. ***PLEASE NOTE***.....If you do not take immediate action to have the leak(s) fixed, your insurance company can deny your claim or greatly reduce what they will cover based on policy holder neglect. Please call us ASAP to assist in stopping further damage to your home.

How do I know if my home needs a new roof?

There are multiple factors to keep in mind when trying to determine if your home needs a new roof or not. First, consider the age of your roof. Second, determine if your roof has leaks. Third, consider your roofs overall appearance and aesthetic appeal. Does it still provide the look you desire and does it meet HOA specifications? Typically, shingle roofs should last for approximately 12-25 years depending on location of the home, maintenance of the roof and whether or not the roof has suffered damage from storms. Inspections done by Reese Roofing can help you monitor the overall health and appearance of your roof. Remember, many times, you cannot see the damage from the ground. So when our experts inspect your home, you will be provided pictures of the damage and an inspection report.

Are there different color options of roofing systems to choose from?

Yes. At Reese Roofing, one of our greatest joys is turning your home into the neighborhood favorite. Our project managers are professionals at helping you choose a roofing style that fits your desired look and feel for your home. We'll provide you with a multitude of options and samples during your free estimate, but don't worry...if it's overwhelming, we can help eliminate options based on our experience and photos from previous jobs.

Does Reese Roofing use staples or nails during installation?

At Reese Roofing, we use specialized nails during installation for two reasons....first is that they are just better, and second is they are required per warranty requirements.

What is an ice dam?

Although ice damming is rare in Texas, we recently experienced numerous cases in 2021. The best way to explain ice damming Ice Dam is the ridge of ice that forms along the edge of your roof. Ice dam's can cause interior leaks within your home leading to major damage costs. One proper way to help eliminate Ice dam buildups in the future is to ensure that your roof has proper attic ventilation. Every roof we install is designed to ensure proper ventilation and also has additional layers of protection such as synthetic felts and ice and water shield to help protect against leaks.

Will my landscaping get damaged during a roof installation?

At Reese Roofing, we take every precaution that we can to help ensure the protection of your landscaping and home. We try to cover the area of your yard that will be utilized during the installation process and when the job is complete, we make every effort to ensure that we clean up all nails and debris.

How does hail damage my roof?

When hail strikes your roof, it can cause damage by removing protective granules from the external layer of the roof shingle. When this happens, it can expose the underlying layers of the shingle to sunlight thus causing the shingle erode and lose its protective value. If you suspect or know that your roof has been through a hail event, contact Reese Roofing today to have one of our roofing professionals inspect your roof for free. Please note that Hail damage is generally covered by homeowners insurance, and our professionals would be happy to help you decide if making a claim is your best option or not.

Does my homeowners insurance policy cover the cost of a new roof after hail damage?

Hail claims can be very subjective, therefore you may have multiple differing opinions throughout the claims process concerning the extent of damage, whether its repairable or needs replacement and also the overall costs to make said repairs or replacement. At Reese Roofing, rest assured that our professionals only want you to file a claim if necessary. If it is determined it is necessary to file a claim and you chose to do so, Reese Roofing will help in any way possible to provide you or you insurance carrier with accurate and truthful information to better assist you in getting the most out of your homeowners insurance.

Are missing shingles a problem?

Yes, missing shingles are many times a clear sign of a bigger problem. Sometimes, simply replacing them is not enough to resolve the issue(s) and is basically putting a band-aid on a large wound. Please know, by the time you notice missing shingles, your roof may already be damaged by water. So, it's imperative to contact a roofer immediately to stop the furtherance of damage or the liability and responsibility of paying for damages could ultimately fall upon you. Reese Roofing offers free inspections and can also provide necessary emergency repairs to help eliminate additional damage.

Can a new roof can lower utility bills?

Absolutely, a properly installed and designed roofing system in conjunction with the proper amount of ventilation and insulation can lower your utility bill.